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FAQ | Gaming Feeds


What is GamingFeeds.com?

GamingFeeds.com is an aggregator of content from various gaming websites and blogs, and a great place if you’re looking for quality information from a variety of sources. You can read more on our About page.

Why should I use this site?

GamingFeeds is an easy way to see what bloggers are saying about your favorite game without having to visit each site manually or search google for the information you need. Here you can check for updates to sites, read and find a lot of related posts about the same topic and most importantly, discuss it.

One of the best features is that GamingFeeds is usually not blocked by corporate firewalls, so you can probably read this site while working. Not that you should though, we’re just saying you can.

Can I suggest my own site for syndication?

Absolutely. If you wish to suggest your site for syndication please fill in the details in the Suggest A Site form and see what happens. If your site does get approved your posts will appear on GamingFeeds.com’s respected game blog. In turn you get more exposure, more readers and more traffic.

Do note however that we do not accept all sites, so don’t feel bad about it. Common reasons are lack of content or quality, or a broad range of article topics without a category-specific RSS feed. Sites which are too personal or don’t have full or compatible RSS feeds are usually skipped as well. Also, new sites with only a few posts are typically not added due to the sad fact that most bloggers give up writing after a few weeks.

Won’t this hurt my site?

Absolutely not! If anything, it will help your site in a number of ways:

Unlike most other sites which aggregate content from RSS feeds and pass it off as their own, we link back to the original source on your site which brings you more visitors from our site. Additionally, the link placed in each syndicated article on GamingFeeds.com is search engine friendly meaning it tells Google and other engines to give credit for the article to your website. It’s perfectly legit and even Google does it, so there’s no downside whatsoever.

Having your website syndicated on GamingFeeds.com basically increases your site authority, exposes it to a whole new community and most importantly brings in more visitors for you.

I want my site removed, how?

Sorry to see you go :( . Simply contact us and we’ll remove your site from future syndication. We do however beg you to reconsider as there are many benefits to having your articles syndicated on GamingFeeds.com: targeted traffic, more exposure to new visitors, deep links to your articles (better search ranking for you), and more.

Don’t forget that many gaming websites are also blocked from viewing by corporate firewalls. GamingFeeds often slips under the radar which means people still get to read your site.

In the end blogging is all about getting the word out, and we help you do just that.

I have a blog about a game you don’t have listed. Will it be added?

Unfortunately some gaming communities are too small and that always reflects the number of bloggers. We don’t like having content from only a couple of sources, so if the game gets large enough we’ll probably add it sooner or later.

If you do however feel there’s enough content about your favorite game available do drop us an email and we’ll consider adding it for syndication along with your website!

I have ads in my feeds, is it okay?

Absolutely, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our feed parsing. We syndicate feeds fully and that also includes any advertisements you place in your RSS feeds. Note however that Google Adsense ads typically doesn’t show up on our site: they can’t be syndicated, and it wouldn’t be compliant with Adsense policy anyway.

What can I do to help?

You can always recommend more blogs and websites for us to check out and add for syndication. It doesn’t have to be your site, as long as it’s a good read! You’re also welcome to contact us with your comments and suggestions, we’re always looking for ways to improve GamingFeeds.

Additionally, if you own a website yourself we’d appreciate if you linked back to us and spread the word; simply adding a link in your blogroll means a lot to us. We’re all about community here so help us achieve that!